Testimonials - Written from Andara Gem lovers from around the globe.

  • Jane Ann Dow - My dear friend, Jane Ann Dow pioneered the use of precious stones for healing therapy and continues to share her knowledge with the world.
  • Marianne Ghent - Marianne is the first person who had the opportunity to experience Indonesian Andara's Energy during a Gem Therapy healing session and resonates beautifully with this mysterious material.
  • Patricia Lawrence - This story comes from my dear friend Patricia who incorporates Andara in her healing sessions.
  • Linda Miki - Linda Miki resonates with The Andara Energy Wheel and Shield of Peace Gems and enjoys the synergistic relationship while wearing her exquisitely designed pendant.
  • Barbara Evans - Barbara's inner guidance connected her with The Star of Fortuna Gem which was fashionably set in 18k Rose Gold and blends harmoniously with her energy field.
  • Ishara - Ishara resonates with many different Andara facets and incorporates them in her meditation and crystal healing.
  • Ria - Ria resonates with a Rose Andara Gem which joins with the Andara Sun Star & Golden Mean Gem.