Crystal's Story

crystal jones

I surprised my mother and father when I was born as they expected another son and had not considered names for a girl.

The physician who helped deliver me made the comment that I looked as delicate as a "crystal". Intrigued by the name, my parents decided it would suit me well.

I have fond memories of my first faceted gemstone. On my sixth birthday my parents gifted me with a sweet little Peridot ring.

My childhood years living on the gulf coast of Florida were filled with exciting adventures of exploration and travel. Experiencing the elements of outdoor living was a natural way of life during my early years with an affinity for the sea.

Love for the ocean was further enhanced when I met my husband, Rick in 1977 and our desire to learn scuba led us to an underwater world filled with a visual spectrum of color.

Energetically, my connection with earthly stones was enhanced when I discovered Caymanite, a semi-precious material created by mother nature more than 35 million years ago. I was then attracted to Black Coral, which is found growing at depths of 500 feet in remote areas of the Caribbean.

kauai hawaii

In 1987 Rick and I traveled to Hawaii for a holiday, and Kauai beckoned us to stay. Twenty years later, we are truly blessed to know this majestic Island as our home.

I became interested in healing touch and followed a course at the local hospital. Fascinated by this wonderful healing modality, I then studied healing touch for animals. Often times my horses and dogs were the recipients of hours of practice. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I was able to offer this healing energy to her. Sadly, she passed away in 1996.

Acquiring my mother's jewelry following her death, I sensed a deep connection with the faceted gemstones in her collection.

These experiences inspired me to search literature pertaining to the energetic properties of stones beyond the typical gems relating to birthdays.

Waking up to the healing qualities of crystals was further enhanced when a natural crystal was given to me for my birthday in 2002.

Faceted precious gemstones were acquired, knowing that each gem would soon be incorporated for healing.

Yoga classes encouraged me to pursue the art of meditation, which in turn improved my intuition.

kauai hindu temple

For years I heard stories about the Hindu Temple and always had the desire to visit. That magical day would arrive on October 4th, 2002.

While meditating inside the Temple, I experienced an overwhelming surge of energy which forever changed my life. Later, I attributed this strange experience to sitting in front of the large 700 lb crystal, which is placed in the sanctum of the Kaduval Temple.

One day while sharing the Temple story with a physician, he encouraged me to have a look at Andara which was offered at a local crystal shop on Kauai. The owner of the shop placed a box of glass like objects on the counter in front of me. My first impression was that they seemed to resemble melted down soda bottles. I thanked the owner for showing me the Andara and left the shop. When the physician asked what I thought about the energy of Andara, I just shrugged my shoulders and said that they appeared to be melted glass and nothing more.

I will never forget the look of disbelief on his face.

Leaving the doctors office that afternoon, my mind focused once again on the Andara and I decided to return to the shop for a second look. This time I picked up a small Andara and held it in my hand. The vibration from the Andara began to travel up my arm and started activating my entire body! I was completely blown away by the energy! Needless to say that little Andara went home with me!

A desire to know how crystals affect the body, mind and spirit led me to metaphysical workshops, which helped expand my mind to various healing modalities using stones and minerals.

crystal meditation

The healing properties of Andara was revealed to me through the power of meditation. Listening closely to my inner guidance, Andara were incorporated into my gem therapy healing sessions.

A dear friend mentioned an interesting book which was written by Jane Ann Dow, entitled: Crystal Journey, Travel Guide for the New Shaman. The book was out of print when I tried to order, then several days later a copy showed up miraculously as I searched several book stores by computer. I was so absorbed reading the pages of this captivating book that I could hardly put it down.

Several months later, I learned that Jane Ann would be offering a work shop on Kauai. I was so excited to have an opportunity to meet Jane Ann, who was one of the first to share crystal healing work with the world. I was immediately struck by her no nonsense approach to teaching and I wanted to know more about her life.

jane ann dow

I invited Jane Ann to my home for dinner and we enjoyed an incredible evening, sharing stories with lots of laughter. it was very comfortable for me to talk to Jane Ann about Andara and its healing qualities. And as she listened, I experienced deja vu visions of us being together in previous lifetimes. On many levels I felt that our friendship was re birthed during her visit to Kauai that week end!

New friendships seemed to emerge gracefully around the energy of Andara. So, when the opportunity came to visit lady Nellie I knew Andara brought us together.

Lady Nellie discovered California Andara on her sacred Indian land in the late 60's.

The arrival of Indonesian Andara in January 2004 generated a wave of excitement on the island of Kauai.

Instinctively, I placed this mysterious material on my body during meditations along with various faceted gemstones. Soon, I was guided to offer sessions to family and friends all the while documenting each experience.

Rick continues to support my spiritual path with much love and encouragement.

When Jane Ann invited me to travel to the Vermont crystal conference in 2004, I began to understand the importance of sharing Andara with fellow light workers.


Visions of sacred geometry surrounding the Andara filled my mind each night during my sleep.

A very nice gentleman approached me on the last day of the conference and chose a lovely Andara from the small group left on the table. Looking straight into my eyes, he asked, "Don't you want to know what I'm going to do with this"?
Being a bit startled by his question, I answered, "Yes, what are you going to do with this Andara"?
"I'm going to have this faceted into Sacred Geometric shapes". with that he opened up a case displaying exquisitely cut gemstones!
I almost fell off the chair when I heard his words. Mesmerized by each gemstone, I exclaimed, "Oh my god, I've been having visions of Sacred Geometry around Andara since arriving at the conference"!

"Perhaps I should introduce you to a friend of mine who designs and facets the gemstones?" He asked.

This was just the beginning of the beautiful birthing of Andara Gems to the world!