Andara Spiritual Gems and Crystals from Indonesia

andara crystal

Andara is one of the most exciting geological discoveries in recent years. Found in the remote volcanic regions of Indonesia, Andara resembles natural quartz crystal or obsidian and is appreciated for its incredible luminosity and mystical qualities.

Metaphysically speaking, Andara Gems exhibit a unique energy field which helps the body and mind adjust to a higher resonance, ultimately assisting spiritual development.

Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry

The Ancient Art of Sacred Geometry is meticulously incorporated through exquisite artisanship and captivating designs, thereby maximizing the brilliance and energetic quality of each gemstone.

Presently there are 7 different faceted designs which enhance the healing properties of each Andara Gem offering a personalized quality to its unique wearer. Each Andara Gem exhibits a specific energetic vibration that is attuned to the individual that wears it and the correct faceting of the Andara fulfills this purpose.

Gem Therapy and Crystal Healing

gem therapy

When placed on the chakras for healing, Andara Gems offer a tranquil state of mind helping to raise Conscious Awareness through meditation. Once recognized, your heart may be filled with inspiration and imagination for manifesting your future endeavors.

Embrace the healing energy of Andara Gems and begin to trust your inner knowing. Through desire and commitment you may receive a clear perspective of what you need to maintain balance in your life and enhance your health and well-being. As your heart begins to receive light and love, you may understand that you create your own reality.